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Zscaler Internet Access has already been bundled up to provide no-hassle, free Internet network connectivity that ensures protection. When you are using Palo Alto and want to assess vulnerability in your network, you probably need to use on-prem and cloud workloads. There is no reason to do that with Zscaler Internet Access. If a company hires 100 more people, I don’t think it would be a problem.

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We are now modernizing, and Zscaler Internet Access allows us to do that. Zscaler Cloud Security Platform is equipped with an always-on monitor. It scans the entire cloud system and offers users a centralized interface for software and database updates, settings, and threat information. This central administrative port is distributed across multiple data centers across the globe to ensure optimum redundancy and performance. With Zscaler Cloud Security Platform, businesses can rest assured that they, as well as their users, are well-protected from security threats in the cloud. This is because the cloud security solution instantly acts against breaches and blocks them to ensure the safety of all users.

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We are using it with 20% to 25% of our business at the moment. We are migrating to it from our previous legacy platform. If you want total cost of ownership and zero-trust architecture, Zscaler is the right solution to fit the needs of any environment. What I have seen when I am doing PoCs is you need some perimeters to start building this platform and integrating policies from day one. The integration of the gateway that inspects all ports and protocols.

Once activated, these dashboards will be your key assistants in getting the most out of the Zscaler Private Access service. Instead of this, you can establish a set of context-based access policies that will govern access to internal assets based on the requirement of a specific task that needs to be done. This means that accessing these resources is done without accessing networks, which, understandably, minimizes risks coming from this avenue of attack.

100% of employees would recommend working at Zscaler with the overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. Employees also rated Zscaler 4.0 out of 5 for Company Culture, 4.3 for Rewards You Receive, 3.0 for Growth Opportunities and 4.2 for support you get. We have two or three engineer to deploy the solution. Two are usually needed because there are different roles from a backup point of view, and we have a different set of people during the design stage. We need some people who understand identity solutions. We have a combination of two or three engineers who normally do deployment for around 1,500 users.

When you use a firewall, you have alerts and false positives, but Zscaler Internet Access pretty much decreases those errors and alerts. Zscaler Internet Access enables the inspection of traffic, including SSLs. You want to make sure that nothing is coming in through your HTTPS traffic. For anything that is coming in that might be a threat, you want to ensure that you are using a good proxy for that. There is malicious traffic out there, so you want to make sure you are tracking and viewing that.

They are growing rapidly and territories are getting smaller and quotas bigger. Work/life balance can be a challenge as it is with most young and zscaler reviews rapidly growing companies. Get comprehensive protection for on-premises and multi-cloud deployment using the firewall built in and for the cloud.

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zscaler reviews

But there are real threats that are being blocked, like botnet callbacks, cross-site scripting, and browser exploits. On average, we are blocking about 500,000 threats per month. I am a regular user of Zscaler and I consider the software as an ally of the IT team for security in browsing the internet and connecting to other networks.

We use it for Internet access control, e.g., accessing web pages. We also use it when a user downloads or uploads files from the Internet. However, most of the time, users are not working in the office. Therefore, we need to use something, like a Secure Access Service Edge , to help users.

On top of that, the solution seamlessly scales to users’ traffic needs, including difficult to examine SSL. Zero trust is a team sport, and Zscaler is proud to integrate with leaders in cloud, endpoint, identity, network, and security operations. Our API integrations enable faster and more reliable deployments, facilitate easier and more agile ongoing operations, and enhance our customers’ cloud experience. Once users connect to ZPA, they’re authenticated.

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From time to time, there’s instability in terms of the user experience. I don’t know whether it’s Zscaler or the time instrument server itself. I don’t know the root cause here, that this is the only thing, that causes me issues. Protecting our customers’ data is our number one priority. The data loss prevention rules that we have in place make sure that there is nothing within the packets relevant to our customers. Palo Alto’s vulnerability assessment requires an on-prem solution to work with your cloud.

In addition to those three Zscaler consoles, customers will need another console for connecting third-party SD-WAN devices at each location to the Zscaler cloud. It has also reduced the time we spend managing security policies. That’s very important because it means that our engineer can spend time focusing on other business activities. The solution is saving 15 to 20 percent of our engineer’s time, per day. Try it, test it out, and make sure it works for you. It is not going to work for everybody because it is not a zero-cost solution.

  • With this cloud solution, we just pay a fee and it’s easy to use.
  • The same interface is used to set up specific policies that regulate access to apps, with an option to make all other applications virtually invisible and unroutable to unauthorized users.
  • Protecting data using business policies based on context.
  • At the same time, the services provided are described as being packaged “in bundles on an annual, per-user subscription basis”.
  • In certain regions in the world, we have started to implement local appliances, like a VEN node, where we don’t have good coverage from Zscaler’s public data centers.

By edge, Gartner refers to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) appliances that link sites; clients — and clientless access — for mobile devices and IoT devices; and cloud connectivity. For example, if we have our customers in Czech Republic, in the Czech Republic they don’t have their data center, as the local content, in the Czech language. They should do something in the Czech Republic and ensure that the language is accessible. They should have one data center as these people want to see the local content. Everyone wants to see their first language in the available content. Versus deploying and managing traditional network security hardware, the solution has saved us about four hours a week.

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It scales very well, if you go for the cloud-based solution alone. In certain regions in the world, we have started to implement local appliances, like a VEN node, where we don’t have good coverage from Zscaler’s public data centers. But if you only use the public data centers, it’s getting a lot better. A while back, there were 35 or 40 data centers that we could use globally, but now there are over 80. Zscaler has helped to reduce the time we spend managing security policies. A lot of the features it has are AI-based decision-making.

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They are really quick to trigger and understand the client’s needs as well as be very supportive. I don’t need multiple alerts, because it is set up with the right policies. Definitely, it is a beneficial device which doesn’t always need constant monitoring.

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AR and VR have the potential to enhance workplace learning programs. Learn how both employees and organizations can benefit from … “A great place to work and grow. Emerging technology that satisfies the need to be on the bleeding edge. Wonderful teams, and peer support environment.” When we ask for support, however, they reschedule the calls.

In comparison, LogRhythm offers out-of-the-box features. With Zscaler Internet Access, there is firewall IPS, multiple security services, filtering, DLP, and CASB browser isolation. These are things that all users are going to be using.

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Zscaler provides fast, secure, reliable access to information no matter where it lives. Our cloud-native security platform enables the world’s leading organizations to securely transform their networks and applications for a mobile and cloud-first world. In short, Zscaler provides pieces of a SASE platform but not the full story. For security, ZIA makes for a strong internet access option but doesn’t inspect other protocols, nor does ZPA inspect east-west traffic. ZPA relies on the Zscaler Client Connector application and provides zero trust. For individual users, however, ZPA currently has no site-to-site capabilities, though clientless access is available.

If you don’t have that control, you don’t know where the problem is. Now, at least we know that it’s either on the client or it’s on Zscaler or it’s on the destination that they’re trying to reach. Ditch your legacy VPN hardware and automate https://xcritical.com/ your network security with ZTNA. Secure remote access from anywhere with just a few clicks. Onboard your entire organization in minutes, not days. Learn why Perimeter 81 is one of TechRadar’s choices for the best ZTNA security providers.